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Come Ready to Learn

Daily attendance at school is an important part of student success. Students are to arrive at school each day on time, ready to learn. It is difficult to replace the learning that occurs in the classroom through the exchange of ideas with study outside the classroom. Excessive absences and/or tardiness, whether excused or unexcused, may have a negative effect on a student's learning and grades. Attendance is taken every school day at 8:45 a.m.


It is important for you to notify the school office at 719-234-4100 or by email at if your student will be absent.  If your child is going to miss school for more than one day, you may request homework assignments from the teacher by sending an E-mail to the teacher. Teachers require 24-hour notice to gather homework and other assignments for a student.


If your student arrives at school later than 8:45 AM parents must sign them in at the front office and give a reason as to the tardiness.  A tardy slip will be given to the student to take to their teacher.

Please see the Attendance section of our Parent/Student Handbook for additional information.