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Open-minded & Accepting

Antelope Trails is intentionally inclusive. It starts with International Baccalaureate programming and extends to all corners of the campus. Academics are balanced with attitudes that demonstrate respect, care, service and experiences. Everyone is heard and understood.

Positive Place for Learning

Antelope Trails focuses on the character, intellect, and emotional growth of all learners through engaging, collaborative, inquiry-based experiences in a globally aware community. Students who work hard to do their best at a distinctive school filled with talented teachers and staff who are truly glad you are there.

Forward Thinking

Students grow into 21st century thinkers through inquiry-based learning provided via the IB-Primary Years Programme. Children learn and apply new skills in practical ways by studying the world around them. Ownership and accountability are strengthened as students choose what and how to learn.

Action-Oriented Academics

Learning by doing reinforces concepts and generates energy for new ideas. At Antelope Trails, experiences include hands-on, a blend of low-tech and high-tech, scavenger hunts, cultural or other active, real-world practices. Each day, during “Purposeful Play,” children are given prompts, then work in partners and problem solve.



8 a.m. – 4 p.m., M – F

15280 Jessie Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921