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International Baccalaureate

With the IB-Primary Years Programme, students use expression, environment and other themes to acquire inquiry-based, STEAM knowledge in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, the arts and Spanish. Children learn and apply new skills in practical ways by looking at the world around them and how they can use them every day.

IB with a Twist

Antelope Trails teachers use the IB framework with an added, modern approach. After topics are introduced, students question, explore and discover what they want to learn. This type of ownership increases retention. Students also complete a research plan from third to fifth grade and contribute via ongoing community service.

Actionable Academics

Antelope Trails students gain a better understanding through learning by doing. Experiential learning may be hands-on, a blend of low-tech and high-tech, scavenger hunts, or cultural. “Purposeful Play” is built into student schedules. After receiving prompts, children create mini-projects with partners and discover learning can be fun.

Homework Policy

At Antelope Trails, mastery and comprehension are balanced with student and family demands such as extra-curricular activities. Homework is not regularly assigned but may be to reinforce a skill or if assignments are not completed during class. At-home math games and reading are always encouraged.

Enhanced Learning

Students are set up for success at Antelope Trails. Talented and Gifted programs provide enrichment for exceptional students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Students also benefit from WIN, or What I Need. The program meets each student’s needs with 30-minutes of academic support four times a week outside of regular classroom instructions.

Hub for Inquiry

Computer labs, a recording studio, makerspace and library resources are only part of the Antelope Trails Learning Commons. Students collaborate, choose calculated risks and build critical thinking skills with hands-on inquiry labs. An outdoor garden offers creative space for story walks, journaling, reading and other exploring.